hollow legs, hungry mind is about meals for the belly and the brain.

My interests are  not particularly original, but quite far-ranging, from food  to books, history and new media. In this blog I hope to share some of the highlights from my reading, cooking and research – the themes might seem like an unlikely mix, but the proof will be in the pudding!


I’m Jean, a twenty-something Australian, now not so recently returned home after a year of fabulous nomadic existence in Europe. My research focuses on the history, present and future of the book, authorship and publishing.

These academic interests run alongside a practical engagement with the world of publishing. I’ve worked in general and academic publishing, and have done various bits of freelance editing and proofreading as they’ve come my way.

I’m always hungry, which has naturally led to a bit of a food obsession, and I love to cook. I’m passionate about sustainable food, and believe that individual purchasing choices are the most practical and achievable way that I can live up to my ethical principles.

My cooking is usually simple, on-a-budget and tasty – modern peasant fare, developed over years as a student and, more recently, on the road.


2 responses to “about

  1. Hi Jean,
    What a great blog – both the concept and the content – just like your cooking! Good luck with it all and I look forward to dipping into it from time to time. I think I’m an inbetween Ever-waser and better-never too, having finally got my head around those ideas – it just takes us oldies a bit longer but some of us are trying to keep up as its very exciting in the brave new internet world. Lots of love and encouragement from your Mum.xxx

  2. Hey!
    This blog is so good! I love all the recipies!! But you have to put something of Italian, right??

    Miss you Sophi

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