Our new digs

This is just a quick post to share some photos of our new flat in Australia. I don’t know about Andrew but I’m missing Europe a lot, and mostly missing all of the friends we made over there.

That said life is really good here, particularly when the weather is as stunning as it was last weekend. Once again we need that two-places-at-once machine!

Number 3, a completely typical Australian flat.

So we unpacked all our boxes and haven’t needed much, which is good as the budget is fairly tight at the moment. Anyway you know, I kind of like the beer mug vase!

The view from outside our gate – doesn’t that ocean just beckon! Oh and that’s our car, she’s called Gwen.

Brighton beach, our local.

Those huge Australian skies were one of the biggest things we missed in Europe. You really get a sense of space here, even in a busy suburb like Brighton.

On a sunny day everything is like technicolour here, I’d forgotten how saturated the colours were.

But we’re keeping the spirit of Italy present.

Oh, and on a side note, I made this apple and almond cake last weekend and it’s yum. I used marmalade instead of apricot jam for the glaze.

Well that’s us, all settled in back in the land down under. We hope to see some of you over here!



One response to “Our new digs

  1. wow jean it looks lovely!! (and so tidy! was that on purpose for the photo shoot?) I want that beach!!! and that sky!!! andrew looks kind of despondant there in the kitchen….was it his turn for washing the dishes?. such an aussie flat as you say.,.perfect for 2 students i think xxxx talk sooon off to make fig and ginger jam!

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