The Krakow Factor

This is just a quick dzień dobry to let you know that I’ve got a bite-sized travel piece on Crikey. It’s all about the amazing Art-Nouveau fantasy that is the Franciscan Church in Krakow, Poland.

What’s behind the door? You’ll have to head to to find out!


3 responses to “The Krakow Factor

  1. Agreed, the God image is like Gandalf, though could also double at Dumbledore.In either case, I like the watery, fluidity of this interpretation in stained glass. Reminds us that glass is, at times, liquid. Where are you off to next?

  2. Hello, well, I have a rather eccentric address in Bangkok: (If it sounds too odd – scroll down to the bottom of the story, some nice alternatives are listed.) And if you can be more specific about where you’re headed I might have something up my sleeve that I haven’t listed yet…I’m still emptying out my address book! Rachael 🙂 (aka HWL)

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