crikey they liked my post!

Exciting times, I’ve just had a piece published on! You can check it out here, although it might seem familiar to readers of this blog 🙂

Crikey is an important independent voice on the Australian media scene and I’m so excited to have a piece published by them. I’d really encourage others to check the site out as their analysis and breadth of coverage are impressive.

I also wanted to quickly say sorry for not having done much here over the last week and a half. I’ve been stuck under a pile of proofreading and have just emerged for air! I’ve got some stories in the works though so hopefully next week will be more productive. The best laid plans …



One response to “crikey they liked my post!

  1. What’s not to like in this post! What a wonderful trip you two have had. I told a Hungarian lady at the market yesterday that you two had been to Budapest. She was very impressed – said that “Europe was wonderful for culture and all the old things but she loved South Australia now to come home – been here 8 years- to because of all the space and the big sky”! We know what she means!

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