for Hayley, Ads and Peanut

The very gorgeous and lovely Hayley, one of my oldest friends, will be having a baby any minute now. Hayley is like a sister to me, and I’m basically on the edge of my seat at the moment waiting to hear that she’s gone into labor.

Being so far away during her first pregnancy has been hard, and I feel like I’ve really missed out on something special. Even in our chats on the phone I’ve been constantly amazed by the revelations she has about the changes to her body and the weird and wonderful effects of carrying her ‘Peanut’.

Now that she is so close to giving birth I’ve also had to deal with my urge to cook for her. If I was home I’d be trying to fill her fridge with lots of frozen meals and goodies, but I’m fairly sure that lasagne wouldn’t be so good after being posted halfway around the globe!

So my second-best is to have done a bit of digging for good freezable recipes. As there might now be a few mums reading this (hello family!) any top tips you’ve got for Hayley would be great too  ̶  although I’m fairly sure she is probably swimming in advice and that this will do much more to appease my sense of guilt than anything else!

A few good bits and pieces I’ve found are:

Baked farro risotto from 101 Cookbooks (regular risotto rice would work too according to the writer). This doesn’t specifically mention freezing, but I’m fairly sure it would work well.

Good old Martha Stewart has a good collection of freezer recipes here. has a freezer-friendly collection that might provide some inspiration here.

This blog post is very cute. The suggestions for pre-prepared frozen enchiladas that can just be thrown straight in the oven are quite clever   ̶ very American (look at that orange cheese!!) but might be a good change from stews and soups.

Another good suggestion was to prepare individual ‘steam ready’ veggie packs. Some prepped raw vegetables (sliced carrots, snow peas, beans, broccoli etc) can be put in zip-lock bags then frozen. If you need vegetables as a side you can then just pull them out and throw in the microwave for a few minutes.

On a few sites muffins are suggested as being ideal for baking and then freezing  ­­­̶  you also only need one free hand to eat them! Here’s a really simple recipe for carrot and zucchini muffins, and a sweet option with almonds and blueberries.

I’ve tried to avoid the other obvious ones like soup, stew and shepherd’s pie as they probably don’t need listing.

Well Hayley, I hope this might be a tiny bit useful, and I hope you know I’m thinking about you and counting the days until I can meet your new little man. Lots of love and luck for the exciting times ahead.



3 responses to “for Hayley, Ads and Peanut

  1. We relied on calzones as well (made with store-bought pizza crusts). The fact that you can hold the calzone and eat without utensils is a plus with a newborn around!

  2. You can never have too much ragu – otherwise known as bolognaise sauce in the freezer. Or any mix of stuff that can be defrosted quickly and thrown on top of rice or pasta. Got to watch the curry though if breastfeeding! Lovely ideas Jeano!
    PS: We are trying your curried chickpea dish tonight with our own peppers and tomatoes from the garden (showing off I know!)

  3. That is definitely showing off – and showing up the fact that I shouldn’t really be buying capsicums at this time of year in Belgium – but, well, I did.

    I definitely thought of Dad when making the chickpeas recipe – chickpeas and curry are very much his thing!

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