jumping on the blogwagon

With my first post I thought I would share a few notes about why I’m jumping on the bandwagon and starting a blog. There are a few reasons, and getting those straight in my head isn’t that easy, but here they are …

First I wanted to start blogging because, really, I wanted to start writing again. I graduated from University two years ago and since then, for the first time since primary school, I haven’t been writing on a regular basis – mountains of emails aside! All of those short stories, reports and essays that I churned out on a regular basis through school and university seem to have trained me to think through tapping on a keyboard.

After graduating I started to miss writing. I missed shaping my thoughts into sentences and paragraphs, using my full vocabulary, probing for that perfect word – which for me often involves hand-waving and incoherent mumbling until I have the required epiphany; or have to retire for tea supplies, hoping that my subconscious thesaurus will come up with the answer if given time to run the search. I’ve always found an unsuccessful hunt incredibly frustrating, but the rush of success is only enhanced by the difficulty of the chase.

I’ve thought recently of writing the odd article or review for small publications, but I’m totally out of the habit of writing and never seem to find the time or nerve to do it. I’ve also become shy for my little compositions, nervous to let them out into a big mean world that might reject them. This blog, then, is all about jumping off the deep end, getting back into the habit of writing regularly and getting over my obsession with finish and finesse – letting these little parcels out, however roughly formed they may be.

My second reason for jumping on the blogwagon is that I don’t just want to write, I have something that I want to write about. I am really, seriously, obsessed with food. I’m no gourmet or accomplished chef, but I’m hungry constantly, so I tend to think about food a lot. I’m the kind of person who is thinking about what to cook for dinner when just sitting down to lunch.

This food obsession is not my trade or profession, simply something I engage with because it makes me (and my husband) happy, and because it’s delicious! Blogging about food and recipes, then, is a way for me to channel the obsession and use some of the creative energy that I have for food, without committing to any large-scale project.

That said, this blog won’t be all food. I’m equally afflicted with a ravenous appetite for intellectual banqueting. I majored in History and English Literature at University, but my real ‘thing’ is the past, present and future of the book, authorship and publishing. I’m fascinated by the mechanics of the literary world, from the inky details of letterpress to the exciting possibilities being opened up by digital platforms and new media – such as blogs! I’m hoping to start work on an MA this year, looking into blogs from this book history perspective, which brings me to my third reason for starting this little blog.

‘If I’m going to study blogs,’ she says to herself, ‘I must write one myself. How ridiculous would be the spectacle of a musty academic, peering into the brave new world without daring to step beyond the comfortable confines of library stacks to experience this new paradigm first-hand. The world I watch from my study is all about participation, and participate I must’

So that’s the motivation – participate or die (or at least grow mouldy amongst piles of books from a bygone age). I hope you (and I) enjoy it!


2 responses to “jumping on the blogwagon

  1. Bon appetite i am so enjoying this already….

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